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The 73rd Rangers are a non-profit unit supported by our members and fans. We pride ourselves on being run and owned as a team, and not just by a select few. Since we do not have our servers or our web portal donated, we encourage every member to contribute to the Regiment in any way that they can.

Our operating costs are relatively low, but not pocket change, and have increased with the additions of our gaming servers. Donations are always appreciated no matter how much. We have had a few donations already this year, so we are off to a good start. Last year was a banner year for donations and was the first in eleven years that the team was supported by the team; which is to say not just by one or two members. Without going into detail, we need monthly assistance deferring some of the cost of our site as well as our voice and gaming servers. We are only looking for help from the members who can. We don't want anyone to short themselves and their own expenses for the team, EVER. Please, IF you can, dig deep brothers. ONLY give WHAT you can, IF you can, and as OFTEN as you can. If you cannot, that is ok. 

Thanks for reading this, HOOAH!

The module block for making donations is on the front page of our site, but click here for the actual page or click Donations at the top of our site on the main navigation bar.

I have added our most recient update regarding the NewEgg competition to the 10th Battalion's Portal Blog. I have also enabled Major General Brown's permissions to edit and post articles on that blog. Please, utilize this link and edit/add your blog posts accordingly. All other 10th Battalion leadership will have similar privlidges when they are asssigned.

Also, please use the following colors when formatting your posts, as well as the full justification setting on all of your posts, while usually centering any photos which cannot be wider than 525px.

Regiment News/Blog Post Colors:

Yellow (#f3efb1) Links Light Blue (#b1dcf3) Red for ALERTS only (#f3b2b1) Bold Title Blue (#34BEFF)

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